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Good Morning America

Hi everyone – this morning I did my first ever live broadcast on FB singing a song with my ukulele. It’s always a little nerve-racking to put myself “out there,” but it’s worth it, and gets a little easier each time too. How can you put yourself “out there” today? Let me know in the comments!!

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Playing to win, or playing not to lose?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an Olympics fanatic.  While my TV usually sits silent, every two years it comes alive nightly for 16 days, confusing my otherwise school-night-electronics-deprived children.  I can’t remember what I used to do with my evening hours as I sit glued to the screen; dishes go undone, homework hopefully gets completed on its own, and I walk bleary-eyed to bed way past my usual bedtime. Continue reading


The Presidential debate got me thinking

Did you watch the presidential debate last night?  I did, and boy, was it stimulating.  The topic was the economy, and it was fascinating to hear the candidates give their differing viewpoints on taxes, interest rates, regulations, and how to encourage job growth.

What intrigued me the most was their shared perspective that the government would have a crucial role in whether or not I (and my business) would be successful.   Wow.  I’m so glad that I didn’t just wait around for them to figure out what policies would be best.  With all that waiting, my business might just be an idea instead of a part of my successful livelihood. Continue reading


School Lunch Trays Hamper Our Children’s Future

Growing up in a rural community, I attended a small elementary school, where the school lunch was 35 cents.  Every morning my sisters and I took our change to the office where the office assistant would tear off an orange ticket from a large roll and give it to us.  The trick was to keep track of the ticket until lunch time when the cafeteria lady would collect them.  From there we would pick up a cafeteria tray from the head of the line and make our way slowly down the counter while food was dished out onto real, ceramic plates.  We ate our lunches and then took the trays, dishes, and silverware back to the counter to put them into tubs set out for that purpose, splashing them into the slightly murky water. Continue reading