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Three quick tips on creating a powerful vision (plus a song!)

Would you ever get into your car and start to drive without a destination in mind?  Imagine taking random turns left and right, going down roads not knowing where they will lead, sometimes pressing on the gas and sometimes on the brake depending on what the road is like or what gets in your way.  You’d end up goodness knows where and probably feel lost and aimless.

That’s exactly what you’re doing with your life when you don’t have a clear vision to guide your actions and goals.  In this video I discuss three tips on creating a powerful vision.  Listen in, sing along, and go to my website to sign up to receive information about future events!



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It’s all a practice

I had a difficult morning with Isabel one morning, and did some thinking about it after the fact.  I had the following insights and wanted to share them:

We are trained as a culture to believe it’s all about “getting” it (whatever the “it” is.) We’re told:  Focus on the goal!  Go for it!  What no one talks about is that it’s actually harder to sustain the achievement than it is to achieve it initially. Continue reading